Jacquard Loom Cost

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In July, 2014, I was fortunate enough to spend 10 days studying, and weaving on, the two major brands of jacquard loom available to today’s handweaver: the AVL Jacq3G and Digital Weaving Norway’s TC-2 (Thread Controller-2) jacquard looms. I thought my comparison might prove useful to other weavers, so I decided to post it on my website. While I’ve done my best to verify all the technical information with the manufacturers, I can’t guarantee the accuracy, especially since features and pricing change over time.

The world of Stäubli Jacquard machines is a fascinating one. Throughout the entire world, countless weaving mills produce innovative high-quality fabrics with these reliable multipurpose machines. The variety ranges from the finest silks to the most complex technical textiles and original decorative fabrics.

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