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It is based on earlier inventions by the Frenchmen Basile Bouchon (1725), Jean Baptiste Falcon (1728), and Jacques Vaucanson (1740). [6] A static display of a Jacquard loom is the centrepiece of the Musée des Tissus et des Arts décoratifs [7] in Lyon. Live displays of a Jacquard loom are available at a few private museums around Lyon and also twice a day at La Maison des Canuts, as well as at other locations around the world.

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jacquard loom the jacquard loom was invented by joseph marie jacquard ...
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the jacquard loom was invented by joseph marie jacquard in
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File:Wooden Jacquard loom MOSI-11 5544.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
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Jacquard Loom
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Jacquard loom:
Jacquard Loom | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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The Jacquard Loom
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Jacquard loom
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